This at home newborn session was an extra special one for me. Little Toryn made me an auntie for the first time. Now going through these images to blog 6 months later, it was very apparent that I was in crazy auntie mode as I took a whole lot of images of this little man. What can I say, he’s a little cutie. Fun fact, this little guy loves love so much that he arrived almost a month early so he could have his birthday on Valentine’s Day.


“Little” Archer is the son of the oh so talented cake maker Kayla. She makes pretty amazing cakes and as you can see, pretty cute babies. I was so thrilled to get to do an at home newborn lifestyle session for this adorable little family. Even doggy-big-brother Bender got snuggled up for some photos. Enjoy :)


I absolutely love doing newborn sessions! Maybe its the 6 years of being a labour and delivery nurse, but I feel so comfortable and right at home with the little ones. I also just love seeing new parents just so in love with the new addition to their family, and this adorable family is no different. Enjoy!

Aleah, Dustin + Signey

I was so excited when Aleah asked me to do a newborn lifestyle session for their new baby girl, Signey. She is absolutely so precious, she has so obviously stolen the hearts of both mom and dad that there was just so much love to capture. Not to mention I'm very in love with their home, so that was just a bonus! Aleah you are welcome to redecorate my house anytime ;). Enjoy!

Meghan, Andrew + Lucas

I love at home newborn sessions, and a few weeks back I was lucky to have two on the same day!! The morning started off with Meghan, Andrew and their new baby Lucas. Meghan and Andrew are high school sweethearts that have built such a beautiful home together. The day of our session baby Lucas was already over a month old...but his due date still was a week away. This little champ is so strong and alert, doesn't even seem like a baby who came over 5 weeks early. He just couldn't wait to meet his parents...and by the way that they look at him, I don't blame him one bit!

Ellyiot + Charley

If floral crowns, tea parties with bunnies, pink bows and all around adorableness is your thing...well then this is the session for you! My job was made so easy by these girls' mama...there was just too much cuteness to photograph <3 Lucky for me, I get to photograph them again TWICE this summer as flower girls for two of their aunties! I can't even begin to imagine how adorable that will be. Enjoy!

Baby Benji

Don't even know where to start with this one... it's a little bit of a sentimental shoot for this family (and myself as well if I'm being 100% honest). I've known Lisa for a while now, we went to school together and now have worked together for quite a few years. When returning from our first maternity leaves, Lisa had the genius idea that since we are shift workers, we should take turns watching the kiddos as our child care. Now almost a year and a half later, baby Benji is born and this family is moving on and starting a new journey in a different province. These pictures not only celebrate their new baby boy and being a family of four, but also as memories of their Winnipeg home. This home is the only place that I have ever dropped my son off at. Here I knew he was safe, well cared for, having fun and most importantly VERY loved. I will miss these days and be a little sad that our sons won't have the bond that our oldest kiddos do. Also, somehow I'm going to have to explain to my son that he is now in a long distance relationship haha. If that wasn't enough to pull on my heartstrings, Grandma joined in for a bit so she could have some nice pictures of her and the kids before they leave. I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do <3

Shelby, Christien & Levi

On Friday I got to capture this engagement/family/newborn session. Levi was such a trooper, I have never seen a baby so happy to be in a bucket! I am so happy for this little family and cannot wait to capture their wedding next summer. Enjoy!

Jenn, Dave & Their Little Man

You may recognize this couple from a maternity shoot not that long ago. Well, now they are back on the blog with their little man! Jenn was so sure that the baby would be a girl that I was completely shocked when they announced the arrival of their son! And what a handsome man he is :)

Jen, Jared & the boys

Falling a bit behind on my blogging these days, cannot believe I am just posting this session! I had such a great time with this little (and very busy family). I love doing life at home sessions, capturing precious moments of a family in their own home....which was a good option for this cold January day. Jen and Jared had newborn photographs of their eldest with Dad's hockey jerseys... and of course this new little cutie followed suit. Enjoy

Krista, Chris & the Boys

This past weekend I had the pleasure of doing an at home session for this beautiful little family, as well as doing a couple of newborn photos of their brand new addition to their family. LOVE at home sessions, and the fact that its the holidays just brings an extra cozy & happy vibe. Enjoy!

Jennifer, David & Baby Thomas

Jennifer & David wanted a lifestyle newborn session for their son Thomas...Little did I know I was going to be able to photography the ultimate boy's nursery! Marvel superheroes was the theme and it was done so well to the last detail. Especially the letters for his name! I had a blast with this family & hope you enjoy the images as much as I do!

Baby E

Here are a few pictures from a newborn session from the summer. Baby E was such a good little model...and I may have stolen a few cuddles from this cutie while I was there. Welcome to the world baby E!